This is a panel quilt pink and gold border on a floral panel. Machine stitched with cotton batting. $125 46" x 56"

Let's try something new!!!  I have put some quilt tops together and will be adding more.  these are just the tops. You purchase and add your own batting and backing, and finish with machine or hand stitching, or just tie them down. These are serge seam quilt tops and I only have what you see. These are great for prayer quilts, birthday gifts, or just to use yourself.  They are different sizes and I will list the size below the quilt top. I am in the process of cleaning out my stash and am making some to donate to the centers that help the homeless. We can only do this if we have money to back the quilts, and that is why I am selling some of them. If you would like a top finished I will finish the ones shown for an added $30. Many hours to into designing these quilts and putting them together.  Anyone that does quilting will know this is a real buy. Just let me know.  We will be adding more in the weeks to come. Thank you for your interest and help.
Quilt Top Sale
Black and white 4 patch whit black and metallic gold sashing.
54" x 54" $100
62" x 72"  Blend of purples in 4 patch log cabin. Muslin backed cotton batting $125 sale price.