Quilts to Warm a Life Time
Quilts by Jan is just that. We try to design our quilts with an old world style and yet make them useful for today's world.  Wander through our web pages and see for yourself just a few of the quilts that show how we put not just warmth, but quality in our quilts. Whether it be a couch or king, tied down or hand stitched, our quilts are always special and each one dated, signed and labeled. Now browse away and check out the unique patterns and designs
From the simple.................
Our quilts can be from the simplest patterns as shown on the left.  This is an 8" square patch quilt made for a cabin up north. Durable, machine washable and dryer safe.  Easiest of care for the greatest of warmth. This quilt is still going strong after 18 yrs.

To the most eloquent.................
This quilt is one of our all hand stitched and hand quilted.  There is no machine stitching on this one.  It is a Japanese Puzzle Quilt.  Made from circles.  Each one is hand stitched and stuffed while folding it into a triangle.  Then the pieces are joined by hand to create this fabulous design.  This quilt can also be put together by machine for a more economical version.  The quilt shown was a travel project that took 2 1/2 yrs to build only working on while on road trips.
Quilts by Jan

We love to quilts and our quilts show it.
"The Heart Quilt"
This is a very special pattern that I have adjusted to be able to make everything from a couch size to a queen size.  They can be made is just the school colors for graduation signature quilts, with a certain design of material, or have pictures incorporated to make it a real personalized treasured gift.  These are usually used as signature quilts and are signed on the reverse side by guest and family.